Who are we?

We are Lee (usually the one writing and responding) and Lex (much less visible, but no less essential). Together we are Team Cuddles.

Lex is a cishet queer ally with anxiety, trauma, and incredible patience and kindness.

Lee is a transgender, non-binary, agender, beardy chaos goblin with multiple disabilities, bipolar 2, severe agoraphobia, anxiety, and gender dysphoria, who gives very good cuddles.

What do we do?

Lex (who you will see/hear me calling Cuddles, because that’s what we call each other) does digital art of various kinds, and is very good indeed. I’ll be showcasing bits of it here and there.

Lee (hi!) cannot keep a straight face when talking about itself in the 3rd person so scratch that.
I write, pretty much. I write this mish-mash, stories every 2nd week (for lots of them, just visit leehulme.com), the occasional TTRPG game (all art done by Lex) at leekhulme.itch.io, an upcoming podcast called Queer Stories from Strange Folk where we’ll be featuring people who are not cishet and their fiction (it’s all me for the first season, then and we’ll be open to submissions).

You can also find me as Senior Discord Mod, occasional twitch mod, social media manager, and some other stuff, for GenderMeowster. The discord is a comfy, cosy, welcoming space made by twitch streamer Meowster, welcoming to all LGBTQIA folk and our allies. Find trans, queer, plural, and all sorts of other interesting and kind folk. When you join up, just say Lee sent you 🙂 This place is important to me, hence the promo 😁

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I want folk to enjoy the things my polymath brain gets up to. It's very entertaining to live in my head, and you get to do so in a more organised way, and without the insomnia and other side effects I get! Lucky you!

Team Cuddles is here for you!

Please do join in, comment, and share. We’re here, and we're on twitter & mastodon. Come say hello!

Got a question? Anything you'd like to see me write about or go into more detail on? I'm all ears!

Want to help us out?

You have two ways!

First: I'm hoping to eventually open up subscriptions here, but in the meantime if my work has value to you, I'd appreciate any contribution you can make. Being trans and disabled and mentally ill means being jobless and broke, and so means costs for things like food are higher (and that’s not even getting started on the cost of living crisis and the energy price bullshit), so every penny helps, honestly. Even just £10 will buy us some food or help pay for a taxi to an appointment.

To offer a contribution, you have multiple options. Ko-fi is a great way to do it (and do check out the commissions available while you're there). Wise and PayPal are also good, use email leekhulme@gmail.com.

Second: Please share my posts. Send them to someone who might be interested, post on your social media, just pass them around. Help me get my subscribers up, and I'll be able to do more and offer content worth reading, (and, hopefully, subscribing to).

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Lee Hulme (it/its)

Storyteller, TTRPG Creator:, Queer, trans, non-binary, disabled. I write stories, qriting advice, occasional recommendations, real life stories, and some more serious stuff. Come along for the ride! Find me wherever I am on linktr.ee/leekhulme