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This whole post got me in the FEELS! And not just because of how I feel about this album, but because of how you so perfectly dissected it: WITH FEELING. The way it was intended.

These two lines got me:

This is one single, clear message: she is strong as fuck, and she is happy with herself.

It's not even a dance anymore it's an explosion of joy and I defy anyone not to feel it!

The giant lump in my throat grew reading those. I cannot relate to this album any more than I already do. Most of us sadly can, which is why is it so damn good! I loved the unpacking you did of this song and album and being someone who has listened many times, it was still so awesome to have you take me on this journey and feel it all like I was feeling it for the first time.

You left ME feeling strong as fuck and happy with myself! You left ME feeling that explosion of joy! Maybe its timing too, as this week I have been dancing around Miley style feeling FREE finally and have moved from Jaded. And feeling that to my very core has been life changing. Your post brought that out.

Lastly I want to say your taste in music is awesome! Without knowing anything else you listen to, I had to learn (through shame and hiding also) that music is a feeling. If it makes you feel things: happy, sad, badass, reflective, inspired, angry... if it makes you feel and you like that it does that, then it is exactly what you need to be listening to and I am so glad you have leant into that.

Oodles of love for your writing and this post! Thank you for the shout out, too! 🧑🧑

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Yay, I'm amazed and proud that this touched you so deeply ☺️ Thank you so much for sharing.

Whatever had you stuck in Jaded - good on you for finding your path forwards!

You've just made me so glad that I wrote and had the courage to share this. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

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Thank you, I cannot wait to read more of your work!

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